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Final year project guidance for BSc / CS / BSc-IT / BCA / MCA

Final Year Project Topics & Ideas It is an undisputed fact that the best way to master all the concepts, nuances and everything else that a subject has to offer is by doing projects based on it. By doing a project you get the much needed practical and hands-on experience that is sadly missing in theoretical learning. But how much is such a practical experience going to help you in your career? Is practical experience gained through projects really useful? How is the hands-on experience better than a wider theoretical knowledge? These are some of the questions boggling the minds of undergraduate and postgraduate students trying to start a bright career in this job famished times. Importance of doing good Projects in your Final year The final year is that time in our college life when we are usually looking for a job or an internship that would put our career on the right track. Companies looking to give out internships or hiring freshers are known to prefer students wh

WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp for Business Mobile phones have become the third hand of humans since the advent of technological success. With one small device, you could be taken away from reality into the world of music, news, games, chatting and many more exciting things that can make you forget where you are! Promised Land for SME’s: With most of the people living in the virtual world, businesses needed to develop tactics to endorse their brands via the devices. One of the platforms for effective marketing turned out to be WhatsApp Business .  WhatsApp Business users can create a detailed business profile including the company’s website, location and contact information.  This is essentially used to communicate better with the customers and help with your company’s growth. This app can be constructively made use of by SMEs and SMBs. Profitable Prosperity- WhatsApp Business: Ø  Secured Platform: WhatsApp Business was introduced with its own unique and tweaked logo that as

How Software helps you grow your Business

How Software helps you grow your Business: Business owners are only concerned with the success of their business. In order to run their business operations efficiently in the earlier days, when there were no computers, businessmen used to work untiringly to have better control on all the areas of the business. But with the development of computer science, businessmen nowadays can manage their business efficiently than ever and that too with 50% effort than what they used to give in earlier days. Today software applications have impacted the business world tremendously and this impact has been absolutely positive. Various software applications have really helped the business units to grow substantially through the improvement of their operational efficiency. How businessmen get benefits: The software applications designed for business houses offer all-around benefits. These applications are suitable to be used to manage all the departments that might exist in a compa